6 Mar 2011


We had our first session at Prudence Millinery yesterday, so all I have on my mind today is fabrics, ribbons and my very sore pin fingers! I wanted to make a modern hat to go with my new purchased silk D&G dress (TK Max in the City at the weekend is amazing, so many designer pieces at amazing prices and isn't a bun fight) that I would wear to Ascot this year.

Prudence is an amazing teacher, she listened to what we wanted and advised us on what would be realistic in the time. This is what I am making:

Although the shape is slightly different and the swirl will be a silk to match my dress and will hopefully swirl around slightly more. So here is what I did on day 1:

1. This is the hat block we selected for my shape of my hat.
2. I then covered it in plastic to stop the Buckram sticking directly to the wood and picking up the colour.
3. I wetted the Buckram and stretched it until it became soft, this was then moulded over the block.
4 & 5. Then came the dreaded pinning! This stage was quite painful and I know have a new found respect for thimbles. So I pinned into the wood, stretching the fabric tightly over as I went all the way around the bottom of the block.
6. I then ironed on the Interweb very carefully so not to get any bubbles or wrinkles.
7. We marked around the edge
8. Removed the pins.
9. Then cut around the edge and removed the block and sewed the wire all the way around the brim.
10. Tah-dah the skeleton of my hat, I love the clam shape.

My task this week is to go fabric shopping (such a hardship, ha) for black velvet, silk to match my dress and dumas, all 100% natural. Think I might swing by Broadwick Silks and MacCulloh & Wallis.

Thank you Prudence.

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