25 Feb 2011


I was recently visited by my lovely Papa which is always a treat, but I always spend the run up to this rare occasions trying to find something for us to do which he will enjoy. After the great success of the Jazz and Beer Festival last year I called upon my dad's other great love in life, political cartoons to entertain us in the form of London's Cartoon Museum.

For such a small gallery it was packed with a vast array of cartoons ranging from pieces produced in the 18th Century to Manga and my Dad's favourite Steve Bell. Below are a few of my favourites:

Top: The World According to Dubya by Dan Brown, shown in The Independent, 2005.
Middle: Hobby Horses, from Gentleman's Magazine, 30 June 1819.
Bottom: Los Angles, pen and ink by Ronald Searle, shown in Punch, 12 November 1958.

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