12 Mar 2011


I spent all week searching fabric shops across London for silk to match my D&G dress which would be used for the swirl of colour on the top of my hat, but alas I have not been able to find anything. So I went for a bright turquoise to contrast the black velvet base. It should look fabulous and I might even incorporate the Butler & Wilson diamant√© star, but I will see how it goes.

Today's session was so much fun, everything started to take shape and I could finally start to really see how my creation was going to turn out. But there was lots to do and Prudence seemed a little concerned that I might not be able to get everything done in the 12 hours we had. As always I had chosen a project which was ambitious, but I think we should all aim high, push yourself and you will find that you can achieve things you never thought you could.

Also because it was only Jane and I attending today session we got to have a good chat with Prudence about all her work with Vivienne Westwood, what inspires her and who's style she admires. 

Anyway back to the hat:

1. I covered and sewed Dumas onto the skeleton of the hat.
2. This was then placed back on to the hat block to give it a little structure and then the pinning began! But it seemed a lot easier this week so in no time the velvet was stretched over the block.
3. This was then steamed and left for a long while as you cannot touch the velvet as it will mark the fabric and can't be removed.
4 - 11. In the mean time I started work on the piece which would sit on my head hidden under the hat, so we started the whole process again, blocking the Buckram and drying it, covering it in Interweb (this time in black) and ironing it on. We then pinned it down and marked around the edge and cut it out and added a circle of wire. It was then covered in the Dumas and velvet. This made the top, the inside we slightly different, we had to iron the velvet directly onto the Interweb but this had to be done on a mat made of metal spikes to avoid marking the fabric. After all this it still wasn't finished but Prudence set the last couple of tasks as homework for next week, so better not forget to do it!
12. Now began the sewing, which really took up most of the session today. I had to make sure the velvet was securely attached to the Dumas underneath.

I can't believe that next week is our final session, I have enjoyed the classes so much it makes me sad to think it is nearly over.

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