21 Sep 2013


Every now and again Jack and I decide to meet in Soho to grab a quick dinner. We never book a table or decide on a restaurant before hand and each time we realise our error – Soho is always rammed with people with exactly the same idea. Mostly we have to abort our plan and head home, but other times like tonight we stumble on a rare gem.

Tonight we found Tuscanic a speciality Tuscan deli restaurant – we were spoilt for choice.

Jack and I settled on a selection of cured meats and cheeses (Il Misto), a salad of mixed leaves pecorino and pear (Le Insalate) and sides of olives and spicy sausage (I Cocci). It was all simply divine and the perfect hideaway if you want to be whisked away from rustle and bustle of London streets to Italy, if only for half an hour.

Tuscanic, 72 Old Crompton Street, W1D 4UN.

Go forth and enjoy fellow foodies.

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