20 Sep 2013


After the success of our linguine Jack and I decided to give ravioli a go. We started with the classic filling of spinach and ricotta with a hint of nutmeg and it worked really well – no explosions.

We started off by making the filling. Wilt and blanch the spinach, mix in ricotta and freshly ground nutmeg. Make your pasta – we used the same recipe and method as last time which can be found here. Once we got to the point of super thin long strips we chopped the length in half and start dolloping the mixture on leaving enough room around each spoonful for the cutter. Brush around each mound with cold water and lay the second layer of pasta on top. Carefully press around each pile sealing the edges and pressing all the air out, if you don't get all the air our the parcels will explode when cooked! Finally cut out the ravioli in your desired shape.

They were super yummy – I will have to start dreaming up some more imaginative flavour combinations now.

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