27 Aug 2013


During my manic week in Oxford I still managed to find time to re-watch Michela Chiappa's Simply Italian on Channel 4 which inspired me to try my hand at pasta making. This coupled with the fact that my Mummy kindly give us a Lakeland voucher – the land of ridiculous cake tins – off we went to Stratford to buy a pasta machine.

So following Michela's recipe of 100g of 00 flour and 1 egg per person we embarked on our own little culinary journey, and it was well worth it.

Firstly we measured out 200g of 00 flour and made a well in the centre. Added 2 eggs, and using a fork brought it all together until we could start with the kneading, we kneaded until it felt smooth and elastic. Then it was rolling time! We went through all the settings until we had a super thin dough and then popped it though the linguine attachment and hay presto linguine!

So what next… a lovely sauce to accompany and we settled on chilli and crab. It may not the prettiest looking dish but it is super tasty. Here is the recipe for the crab linguine.

Next time Jack and I will be attempting to make ravioli.

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