13 Nov 2011


Over the last few weeks at work we have been raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital with our Bake Sale and I have to say it has been a tremendous success, in total we raised £200 and we have some very talented bakers in our team.

I decided each week to make a veggy quiche and a sugary treat, these were some of the more successful of my creations.

Coffee and walnut cake with tiramisu cream

Not the greatest picture but this caramelised onion and goats cheese quiche (my own recipe) was super delicious.

Raspberry and cream genoese sponge cake

The last in my quiche creations, feta, roasted peppers and spinach.

Towards the end of the GOSH month I started to get a little obsessive with my baking and started buying some new books, this carrot cake is from the Primrose Bakery book and was voted in the office as the best carrot cake they had ever eaten. I am unused to such praise! I might just carry on with baking Sunday, my colleagues might not thank me for the extra pounds they will pile on!

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