21 Jul 2009

Angie Lewin and St Jude's Gallery

"I Have No One To Love Me But The Sailor on the Deep Blue Sea" by Jonny Hannah Ⓒ St Jude's Gallery 2009

St Jude's Gallery in Itteringham, Norfolk specialises in British Art, Craft and Design. I became a fan of them after Jack and I went to an exhibition called 'St Jude's in the City' earlier this year, and they represent some of my favorite artists, including Jonny Hannah (above), Angie Lewin (below), Mark Herald, Chris Brown and Rob Ryan.

"The Church, Salthouse" by Angie Lewin Ⓒ St Jude's Gallery 2009

St Jude's also produces a range of printed textiles and their website is well worth a visit – as is the gallery, if you can get there.

This short video was posted on their blog last week, is really lovely, it features the artist Angie Lewin at work in her studio.

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