3 Mar 2009

Birthday day out to London Zoo

I am a very lucky girl, not only did I get an amazing cake for my birthday party from Jack but he is also taking me for a day out at London Zoo and I was very excited. I could prattle on for ages about all the animals we saw, etc, but I thought I would just tell you about my favorite two things.

First was the Aquarium, the sea life was just so amazing, all the colours and shapes:

And, secondly outside the tropical bird house was a mechanical clock by Tim Hunkin, I am familiar with his work, as he designed the water clock on Southwold Pier, where my Grandma lives, but this clock is so much more complex.

On his website he describes the brief he was given as "not specifically for a clock, just a feature to attract visitors, with the theme of the Victorians' attitude to the animal kingdom" and his design is magnificent, an animation (below) is also featured on his website of how the clock would work:

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