30 Aug 2013


I am sure you are all wondering how on Earth Jack and I managed to eat all the soft fruit we picked on Monday, well we gave it a good go but soon both had tummy aches. So I set about freezing the rest of the berries so we could take them in our lunch boxes, below are my top tips for freezing fruit:

1. When you are freezing the berries make sure you set them all out individually on a chopping board, this is pretty fiddly but it avoids you having to chisel the berries apart at a later date.

2. My second top tip might seem pretty obvious but I speak from experience. Make sure you bundle the berries in small SEALED bags, not cling film twisted at the top. Why? Juice. Juice running everywhere!

Te best part of freezing berries is that once they have been added to yogurt it keeps it cold on the way to work.

Happy freezing.

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