25 Feb 2012


So as the final of the Harrods British Bake Off drew nearer I began to re-evaluate my cake, how could I make it even better and win first prize? To be honest the first cake was such a rush to make that if I spent anymore time on the second one it was bound to be better… and it was.

I went all 'designer' on it and make a little sign and the hint of vanilla I added to the cream was super yummy. But, alas it wasn't enough to bag first prize, but I did get ninth, which I am still super pleased with and as a prize I got the Laduree savoury and Great British Bake Off books to add to my ever expanding culinary book shelf. This is my cake next to the winner:

The best part was that I got to meet Paul Hollywood and he wrote some lovely comments about my cake; "The sponge was lovely and great cream" YAY!

More of the entries from the Great Harrods Bake Off can be seen on my friend Jenni's lovely blog, Like This, Want That.

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