4 Dec 2010

New year, new spectacles (fingers crossed)

This topic has been on my mind for quite some time, as finding a pair of glasses which I like AND suit me is nearly impossible.

I would love to wear a really funky vintage pair or these vibrant Prada's, I still can't decide which colour I like the best, its between the green and pink I think, but I do like orange, aahh!! I'll probably find out that they are not even in production and were just used as props for the Spring/Summer 11 show, that would be so annoying.

Watch this space you never know I might find the perfect pair.

P.S. Check out the Spring/Summer 11 collection on Style.com, it's full of simple two piece suits, clashing colours and the odd monkey and banana here and there, love it!!!

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Ruthie B said...

Go green, for faux eco credentials!!! xx

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