8 Dec 2010

Marcia Moran

Brazilian jewellery design Marcia Moran has a beautiful range of jewellery (available on the Rain Collection website), these are three of my favourite pieces:

Gold Druzy stud earrings, 18k gold plated, currently sold out! boo

Titanium Druzy stud earring, Rhodium plated, currently also sold out, they must be the Christmas best seller. 

But may favourite has to be this green Druzy and wood ring, $175
I love the contrast between the two different materials and colours.

And for those of you who like me had never heard of Druzy before here is a quick summery:

Druzy Quartz (also spelt as Drusy or Druse) is a thin layer of quartz crystals covering the surface of a host stone. One good example of Druzy is the crystals filled inside the cavity of a geode. It is well known that amethyst or citrine get the source of their color from this quartz crystal but usually Druzy Quartz takes the host stone's color which is seen through it as in chrysocolla or uvarovite garnet.

The term "Druzy" refers to the tiny crystal which is formed within of on another stone in a large number. When the ground water that carries dissolved silica is forced to to get filled into a porous area of rock, rapid cooling occurs and it causes the formation of minute crystals. As in Druzy Chrysocolla, the rock is composed of agatized chysocolla with crusts of small sparkling quartz crystals in tiny cavities.

Druzy Quarts is said to aid in balancing and increasing energy. Since ages it has been used to diagnose disease and is believed to enhance natural extrasensory perception abilities.

Summery taken from mineralzone.com and all photographs copyright Marcia Moran 2010

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