22 Dec 2010

Alas, no letterpress printed card this year.

I am very sorry to say that this year my handmade Christmas cards are not going to be letterpress printed, as my Adana is out of action while I wait for the new rollers to arrive.

Last years Christmas card, I thought, was really cute and I don't believe I every blogged about, so its good I kept one. It was very simple Gill Sans caps with a sequin or button to replace the 'O'. I did intend it to be printed in two colours but my rollers were so scuffed and old that they wouldn't clean properly and would have created a yucky dark red instead of a vibrant Christmas red after printing all the black text.

This year I am working on something slighly different. When I visited Stockholm recently I found this amazing little paper and stationery shop (I'll have to write a post about it) and I bought wax and a heart seal. This was the basis for my Christmas card, and here is how we (Jack volunteered for the only 'manly' job which involved fire!) did it:

1. I folded all the beautiful handmade paper in half and cut out all the squares of gold and blue card.

2. Get everything ready for the wax, this had to me done with quickly and efficiently.

3. Commence wax seal making

4. Finished and we even did a few parcel labels for the presents.

5. Finally stick all the bits together and tadar it's finished.

Hope those lucky people who receive one like them.

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