22 Nov 2010

Restaurant review: Bloomsbury Street

I have been meaning to start reviewing of all the places Jack and I go and eat for a long time (especially now that we have a Taste London card) and today I thought there is no time like the present.

Bloomsbury Street
Radisson Edwardian Bloomsbury Street Hotel
London, WC1B 3QD

This restaurant is probably not the best place to start with as overall we were not very impressed with our meal here. Once we were seated, it took them quite a while to bring us the menu and take our drinks order, but the wine we ordered, a bottle of D'lstinto Primit was delicious and probably the highpoint of the evening.

For starters we had a fresh pea salad and parmesan tart, the salad was far too cold and had obviously been sitting in the fridge for a while and Jack didn't have much praise for the tart. The main courses however were much better, I had chicken breast with fois gras and a potato leek layered thing which was very delicious and Jack's roast lamb looked lovely and tasted fantastic. What spoiled this course was our side of mash potato (which arrived as we finished out mains) which tasted very strange and we spend a good 5 mins trying to figure out that the taste was, we thought it might be lemon. When we quizzed the waitress and she asked the chef we were informed that the mash potato shouldn't have been served to us. Nothing like rancid milk to put you off staying for desert. They did give us the side for free and free water as the menus took so long to arrive but this didn't make us feel any better as we got the impression this happens rather regularly.

So in conclusion I would recommend Bloomsbury Street to anyone with a Taste London card and can get 50% off but I certainly won't be going back, maybe the chef was having an off day!

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