17 Oct 2010

The time for action

There are some points in the year where I just feel like I am getting a bit stagnant and need to change my routine. Basically I need to stop saying I'll start eating healthy and get back to exercising more next week, etc.

I need to get my act together and from now on I am going to start doing, or stop eating (ha) ALL of these things:

1) Walk to the tube station on the way to and from work, a total of 3 miles. Next month I will buy some MBT trainers, which will help my posture.

2) Will sign up for yoga lessons twice a week, again helping my posture and my stupid bad shoulder.

3) I am going to cut out all red meat, bread, processed sugar and snacks.

4) Have 8 hours sleep a night.

This time I am determined to do this, so if you see me with a packet of crisps, you have my permission to take them away from me.

Soon I will be able to do this...

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