3 May 2010

May Day

I have to say this bank holiday weekend hasn't gone totally to plan, on Friday, a week after I went to the dentists and told them everything was fine, one of my Wisdom teeth decides to start pushing through like there is no tomorrow! The pain has been awful and this has caused me terrible nausea, this is the 4th day of it and I am so glad to be going back to work tomorrow so I can book an appointment, and I never thought I would say this but I hope they take them out sooner than next year, my sanity depends on it!


On the up side I did go for my first ski lesson on Sunday (a welcome distraction from the above discussed problem) mastering beginners stage 1. GOLD STAR, GO ME! and of course I got window box 1 planted.

Hope all of your bank holiday weekends were better than mine?

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