4 May 2010

Disruption nearly at an end

In a month or so I am going to be the happiest lady in London we will have a professionally painted flat, all fresh and clean, the little moth problem we have should be over and the eruption of our kitchen floor will be fixed. I can't wait! In the meantime we have a month of moving furniture and packing up boxes so all the rooms are clear for the painter, who would have thought we could have so much stuff! So much to do; pictures to be framed ready, possessions to be got rid of and other smaller problems sorted.

I am looking forward to the week off at the beginning of June after its all finished to:

1) attend London Jewellery Week and see my Mummy
2) to get the flat looking super lovely before I start Uni in September
3) take delivery of my new Mac (this poor laptop has finally got so slow I can't cope!) and finally to
4) Read the mound of books I haven't had time to read

Hope you had a good weekend?

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