18 Oct 2009

Etsy find: SingleBbeautiful

I was really pleased to find the beautiful creations of Bean Collins on Etsy today, all the materials she uses for her jewellery are from Hoover and Strong, a company with a strong commitment to the environment, and whose metals are recycled and the semi-precious stones are comflict free. So you can, in her words: "relax and enjoy your jewellery"

Here is a small selection of my favourite pieces on Bean's Etsy shop:

6mm AA grade white sapphire, 14kt palladium white gold, raw circle solitaire. $780.00

A sparkly 5mm moss green tourmaline is tucked into a textured and blackened little crater. Made with recycled argentium sterling silver, a new sterling silver with the same silver content as traditional sterling, but more durable, better color, and without that terrible tendency to tarnish! $170.00

'Texture to Eternity'

Substantial comfort fit recycled argentium silver band is set with four 2mm sparkling white sapphires. Whether it is for a wedding band, or just for fun, this is a pretty modern ring with a simple feel. This ring has been given a lovely, organic hammered texture. It is beautiful paired with the two band moss quartz Hatshepsut ring in my shop. $148.00

These rings look great layered up together, Bean's shop is well worth a look, a is her blog.

All information and pictures Ⓒ SingleBbeautiful 2009.


Sierra said...

This is a beautiful ring, but keep in mind it would only last 4 years! I bought a similar ring and after 3 years, the stone fell off. Luckily I found the stone and SinglebBeautiful was very kind to fix it. I was afraid to wear this ring again, so I started wearing it less frequently. After probably wearing it 4-5 times, the stone fell off again!! This time, I couldn't find the stone. I contacted SinglebBeautiful and Justine said that her rings only last 4 years! What a shame!! I opted to buy from a small business (I have rings from David Yurman or Tiffany's that are over 10 years old and still look perfect!), and now I totally regret this!! Did I mention this was a gift from my husband on the day our daughter was born?...

Justine said...

I just want to address the above comment since I am the maker of the ring that is pictured above and I do remember this customer quite clearly as this hasn't happened to me before, and I make hundreds of rings a year ( also, the above wedding set is not the ring she purchased). The ring that was purchased from me was made of sterling silver, which is a semi-precious metal that is not as durable as gold/platinum/palladium. The lifetime of a silver ring really depends on how it is worn and for how long. A ring that is well maintained (which this one was not, judging from its condition when I first repaired it) and not worn continually will last quite a long time. I'm guessing that she doesn't wear her David Yurman or Tiffany rings every day (both probably cast solid pieces and not fabricated like in this instance. Solder joints introduce weak points to an object that is on your finger and interacting with the environment). No silver ring will last much longer than 4 years when worn all the time (unless it is a very plain band and even then it will be thinner and dinged up). Unless you don't do anything with your hands! Silver is not stainless steel. This ring had a somewhat complicated construction which was part of the design, it wasn't a solid piece of metal without joints. To now imply that a gold ring, with a completely different construction and material, will only last 4 years is not accurate. And this is why I felt like I was put in an impossible situation with this customer. I did a repair after 3.5 years, for free. When they came back to me again, I said I couldn't help them and explained why. And this is what happens. The customer goes out and slags my name in a wedding forum. Awesome.

I can't know how a customer treats a piece of jewelry after it leaves my hands, and after 4 years I think that a fabricated sterling silver ring originally purchased for around 200 dollars has probably lived out its natural life. No questions asked 4 year warranty on ANYTHING would be crazy, let alone a silver ring. This is why I do not work in sterling any more, I think that most people don't understand (and that is totally understandable) that sterling is not meant to be worn day in and day out. And if you do that, it will not last forever. Even gold rings need to be re-shanked (given new bands) now and again. Metal wears away during use (i.e. wearing). This is why the jewelry repair business exists.

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